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W3m - a text based Web browser and pager 설치하기[편집]

$ sudo apt-get install w3m w3m-img
  • 실행
$ w3m google.com
// 구글 페이지 CLI모드로 접속


       At  start  up,  w3m will load any local file or remote URL specified at
       the command line.  For help  with  runtime  options,  press  "H"  while
       running w3m.  Command line options are:

       -t tab set tab width

       -r     ignore backspace effect

       -l line
              # of preserved line (default 10000)

       -B     load bookmark

       -bookmark file
              specify bookmark file

       -T type
              specify content-type

       -m     internet message mode

       -v     visual startup mode

       -M     monochrome display

       -F     automatically render frame

       -dump  dump formatted page into stdout

       -cols width
              specify column width (used with -dump)

       -ppc count
              specify  the number of pixels per character (default 8.0) Larger
              values will make tables narrower.

              dump page source into stdout

              dump response of HEAD request into stdout

              dump HEAD and source into stdout

              dump HEAD, source, and extra information into stdout

       -post file
              use POST method with file content

       -header string
              insert string as a header

       +<num> goto <num> line

       -num   show line number

              don’t use proxy

              don’t use mouse

              use cookie.

              don’t use cookie

       -pauth user:pass
              proxy authentication

       -s     squeeze multiple blank lines

       -W     toggle wrap search mode

       -X     don’t use termcap init/deinit

       -title [=TERM]
              set buffer name to terminal title string.  If TERM is specified,
              use the TERM style title configuration.

       -o opt=value
              assign value to config option

              show all available config option

       -config file
              specify config file

       -help  show usage

              show w3m version

       -debug DO NOT USE